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The Backpack Reinvented



Tess Johnson graduated from Parsons, The New School for Design in 2011 with a BFA in Women’s Wear Fashion and it seems that her path was already set from the moment she graduated. Her first collection debuted just one year later at Miami Fashion Week and since then has been featured in many other fashion shows, as well as many popular magazines like Elle and British Vogue.

Tess Johnson is back with another collection and with her business savviness, she has decided to launch this new collection through Kickstarter. NOMAD by Tess Johnson features affordable and convenient backpacks in a wide range of colors and prints. I personally would buy the black backpack first, just because black is my favorite color, but the map print with the neon yellow straps is the most eye-catching and distinctive backpack out of the bunch.


The convenience of the backpack comes from the fact that it has zippers, pockets and snaps that provide you easy access to whatever you need without having to take the backpack off or twisting and turning to reach your water bottle or book for class. The backpack can also be quickly transformed from the classic backpack into a tote, for those days when you need to carry a lot of things. The pouches inside are also detachable, which makes it easy to clean the backpack. The NOMAD is available in 6 colors: Classic (all black), NOMAD Map Print with Yellow, Purple with Brown, Classic with Pink, Blue with Sky, and Grey with Yellow.  The great thing about this line is that Tess Johnson is planning on donating NOMAD backpacks to underprivileged children organizations in the near future, and it all starts with making sure that this collection gets a lot of attention. And why not? This is a huge need in the market, especially for students, so there is little doubt on my end that this will go on to be a success.

tess-johnson                       nomad-tess-johnson-tote

What will make this product a success is that the designer took her time to research what works and what does not work to make this product something that people will want to use. You have to know what people need or want and fill that void, and in this case. Tess Johnson has done exactly that. You can visit www.tessjohnsondesign.com to learn more about Tess, The NOMAD collection, and how you can support this collection through Kickstarter.


Twisted Talk: Do you see yourself wearing backpacks from The Nomad Collection? Which pattern/color appeals more to you? Discuss below!

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