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The King of All Whiskey Bars



During last month’s Whiskey Live, we sampled more whiskey than we knew what to do with. In addition to different brands, a few New York City  bars were on hand, serving up specialty whiskey cocktails and one that stood out was American Whiskey. The bar, which has bragging rights of over 150 American made whiskies, is one spot we couldn’t pass up on checking out ourselves. Don’t let the name deter you if you’re hankering for some international libations though, in addition to its ample selection of American whiskies, it also serves up about 75 non-domestic whiskies, as well.

But American Whiskey cannot just be classified as a bar — the three-story venue offers customers a Southern inspired dining menu, and culminates itself into a diverse, rustic sports/whiskey bar and restaurant. Decked out with wooden walls and tables, a plethora of TVs and enough room for 400 patrons, this is one massive spot to have fun with friends.


 Let’s start with the whiskey — their extensive menu is handily broken down into categories that even a novice could decipher, from bourbons and ryes to Tennessee whiskies and more. If it’s too tough to choose (it is), then one of their tasting flights is a great option. But if drinking straight whiskey it too much for you to handle, their specialty cocktails are a great way to ease in. Cleverly named choices include Giggle Water, which combines childhood favorite (root beer) with adult favorite (whiskey), make for a wonderfully thirst-quenching delight.


Soak up the booze with tipple-friendly bites from their menu, which includes high-end bar appetizers, an array of sliders and entrees. Options like Colorado Lamb ‘Lollipops,’ Tater Tot Poutine and Cocoa Rubbed Ribs are great for sharing, or mix and match a sampling of sliders — some of which include the Beef Brisket Burger, Veggie Banh Mi, Mini Po’ Boy, and Spicy Lamb Burger. Entree options are heartier, with options such as Beer Brined Brick Chicken, Pan Seared Sablefish, Five Spice Smoked Duck Leg and more. Round out the meal with some side dishes and dessert, and you’ve had one satisfying night!

No matter if you go for the whiskey, the food, the atmosphere or to make new friends, American Whiskey is sure to show you a good time. Touted as one of the biggest whiskey bars in the nation, you know they can do no wrong.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite whiskey? Have you dined at American Whiskey before? Discuss below!

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