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The Pursuit of Happiness



From the founders of Live Happy magazine comes a book that neatly sums up a concept that some of us will struggle with our whole lives. The pursuit of happiness, written into our very own constitution, is a lifelong goal for many Americans. Though often shrouded in other goals: ambition, success, the search for love, starting a family, finding your own version of self-acceptance and happiness is something we all must grapple with on our own. It may look different for each person, but at its core, happiness is rooted in the same fundamental aspects of well-being for each human being.

Drawing on many different resources of research, this uplifting book breaks down what it refers to as the ten practices of happiness, awarding each principle its own chapter. In support of each chapter are individual stories and paths of real people who have overcome tremendous obstacles by employing that particular practice in their daily life.

Live Happy illuminates these core traits in a relatable, anecdotal way, and highlights small steps you can take to improve your daily life and overall perception of your state of happiness. These seemingly tiny gestures, or happy acts, build upon each other, creating a long chain link fence of positivity that aims to be contagious.  These Happy Acts have evolved into such a cornerstone of what the founders and contributing writers preach in Live Happy that it has garnered its own month, powered by a unique social media movement meant to encourage happy acts.

All this month, you can participate in this March to Happiness movement by using the hashtag #HappyActs, sharing with others an example of this type of gesture, something that encourages symbiotic happiness. It could be something as simple as complimenting someone on something, smiling at a stranger, or simply allowing yourself to say yes in a circumstance where you would normally say no.

Using this hashtag affords you the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals, all of whom are determined to make even the tiniest of changes in their lives and hopefully in the lives of others. These daily acts of kindness have sustained a good portion of the contributors of this book, and nourish the type of self-care that comes from taking care of others.

The success stories in this book are inspiring, and serve as an excellent reminder that your outlook is often half the battle in finding happiness. Remaining mindful and focusing on what you are grateful for only increases this level of positivity. Creativity and a sense of play feeds the inner child in you, and resilience reinforces your commitment to achieve both peace and success. These elements intersect and play off each other in order to come together to make each day as fulfilling as it could possibly be. The first-hand accounts are a fantastic way to remind yourself that even when you’ve had a bad day, you still have so much to appreciate, and inspires you to make the changes necessary to achieve your best sense of happy.

Twisted Talk: What’s the last #HappyAct you performed? Will you participate in the March to Happiness movement? Discuss below!

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