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The Refresh Button


Have you ever felt like you were rushing through life?  That you were so busy trying to do and fix everything, that you couldn’t enjoy the world as it is around you?  I think we’ve all been there are some point or another – I know I have. In The Temple of  All Knowing: One Woman’s Journey From Personal and Professional Despair to Spiritual AwakeningLee Papa shares her journey to re-discovering herself.

The Temple of All Knowing chronicles Papa’s life in the early 2000s. Her struggles are familiar: she is looking to fix her marriage, comfort for her mother, and find healing for her husband. In 2008, a near-death experience leaves her in a “twilight stage of consciousness,” encased in pure light and given the choice of continuing on with her  life or returning to the “Source” (77, 80).

For Papa, “This is a wakeup call. Somebody is trying to tell me to be more present and slow down” (88). To do this, she turns to Spiritualism, the belief based on the supposed communication with the dead, typically through mediums, crystals, and meditation.

Papa begins Chapter 8 with a quote from the Dalai Lama: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” Her methods to overcoming her obstacles may not be conventional, but it has provided her with peace and fulfillment: something we all wish for.  Read The Temple of All Knowing to follow Lee Papa’s personal journey to an enlightened experience and new lifestyle.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever needed a “refresh button?”  Will you read The Temple of All Knowing?  Discuss below!

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