Til the Sun Comes Up — July 17, 2015 at 3:40 pm

The Rooftop Film Club Has Arrived!



Listen up, New York City!! I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but this year, England’s Rooftop Film Club has invaded the city and is set to take over the outdoos movie-screening scene by a storm.

First of all, great venue! The Yotel rooftop has a beautiful lounge to welcome anyone that wants to enjoy its luxury. Once on the fourth floor, a great staff more than willing to accommodate, receives you. The tickets come with drink and food chips which you can redeem for tacos, popcorns, beers or wine. Besides that, right behind where the screening is happening, their very accommodating lounge is ready to get your order and help you with your libations.

Once you sit down in the designated area, you are treated to the movie itself (mine was Dirty Dancing), but right behind the screen is that famous NYC skyline to make you feel grand. And believe me, you will lose yourself in it at some point or another.


If there’s any complaint its that the screen should be larger. The seating makes it really hard to be able to see if there’s someone bigger than you in front. A larger screen could fix that. Besides that, I had a terrific time with my date while we watched the 80’s classic in all its glory.

New York City has thousands of options every night for those looking to be amused. Put the New York Rooftop Film Club on your list of things to do before the summer is over. With a list that includes Blade Runner, Ferris Bueller Day’s Off, and Stand By Me, this event has a film for everybody. Make sure you go before the summer is over and fall whips in.

Twisted Talk: Have you taken in a movie at the Rooftop Film Club? What movie would you want to see playing? Discuss below!


  1. any suggestions on how early to arrive to get a good seat?

    • The box office opens an hour prior to the screening, so we recommend getting there then!

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