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The Silver Ships Space Adventure Continues



Libre: A Silver Ships Novel is the second installation of the Alex Racine saga. (Read our review of the first novel here.) When Alex Racine accompanies the remaining Méridiens on their return home, along with the New Terrans, they arrive to find that their planet has been overtaken by the silver ships. Half of the Confederation has been destroyed and now it is up to them to do something about it. In the previous book, Renée tries to gain help from her remaining family members and realizes that they have been corrupted. So they soon have to figure out another way to fight against these Silver Ships.

This second installation of the series focuses on the Méridiens and the New Terrans working with the Independents to build fighter ships, as well as help finish the Unser Menschen. The Independents are people that have been banished because of the way that they think, but they soon begin an alliance with Alex. The silver ships will soon attack, and everyone needs to evacuate Libre. Since not everyone could fit into the ship, sacrifices have to be made.

While setbacks have occurred and lives have been lost, the New Terrans, Meridiens, and the Independents have all worked together for one cause: survival. Once they have succeeded in escaping the silver ships and are on route back to Alex’s home land, New Terra they realize that their fight is not over and there is a new threat. It seems like they can’t catch a break.

Overall, this was a great follow-up to the first book because we had the chance to not only learn more about the Méridiens, but to see these human ‘cousins’ work together to save themselves. The growth of Alex Racine and his interactions with the SADE’s was something that touched me deeply. The SADE’s have always helped their creators and counterparts but have never been thanked until Alex. When reading the reactions of the Méridiens and the New Terrans, all I can think of is ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’; because the great Alex Racine is interacting with the SADE’s, especially Julien, as if they were best friends, the others begin to do the same. We, as human beings, should take note from Alex Racine.

Make sure to pick up your copy of Libre: A Silver Ships Novel by heading over to Amazon. The first installation is also available in hardcover and as an e-book.  To learn more about the author and news on any upcoming books check out his website at

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