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The Titanic Comes to Life in Jersey City



Everyone knows the Jack and Rose version of what went down the night the Titanic sank in 1912, but now New Yorkers have a chance to get up close and personal to the history and relics from that fateful April night. A quick PATH ride away, Jersey City is home to the Liberty Science Center, which just opened up Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit, open through May 30th, 2016.

Manhattan with a Twist was honored, like those aboard the actual ship, to attend a preview of the exhibit before it opened to the public. Upon entrance, everyone is giving a replica boarding pass, complete with an actual passenger’s name, history, and information, which served as your identity for the evening. At the end of the exhibit you have the opportunity to see what fate had in store for you. Over 100 authentic artifacts recovered from the ocean floor were on display, along with authentic replicas of the cabins of first class and steerage.

As you wind your way through the exhibit, you travel along the journey of the Titanic, from conception to construction, to its voyage and final evening. They even have a replica iceberg that attendees can touch to see how cold the water was the night the ship sank.


We were also treated to the same menu first class passengers dined on the last night on the ship, thanks to celebrity chefs Donatella Arpaia and Alex Guarnaschelli. The lavish and decadent meal comprised of a whopping ten courses, but we were certainly up to the challenge.

Course 1: Oysters Mignonette – Oysters on the half shell with Classic Mignonette sauce, Bed of Sea Salt


Course 2: Soup Duo – Consommé Olga with sliced scallops and cream of barley


Course 3: Cold Asparagus Vinaigrette – Green and white asparagus tips, edible flowers


Course 4: Fillet Mignon Lilli – Seared filet, sliced truffles on bed of crispy potatoes, cognac, Maderia, red wine sauce

Sauté of Chicken Lyonnaise – Onion, tomato sauce on bed of crispy potatoes

Vegetable Marrow Farci – Zucchini stuffed with fresh herbs and vegetables


Course 5: Choice of Lamb with mint sauce, Roast duck with apple sauce or Sirloin of beef with red wine demi, each served with green pea timbale, creamed carrots, rice pilaf


Course 6: Punch Romaine – Lemon-orange sorbet, champagne, white wine simple syrup


Course 7: Roasted Squab, Cress sauce


Course 8: Poached salmon, mousseline sauce, cucumbers


Course 9: Pate de Fois Gras – Fois gras mousse cylinder, celery garnish


Course 10: Waldorf pudding, French ice cream, Chocolate and vanilla éclairs



Yes, it was quite a meal. Suffice it to say, they ate quite well aboard the Titanic. And although a visit to the exhibit won’t score you this amazing meal, it will showcase all of the wonders and secrets that were fortunately not lost when the Titanic sank. A trip to Liberty Science Center is definitely worth the trek from the city, but it’s best done in good weather.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever traveled to Jersey City before? Would you see an exhibit on the Titanic? Discuss below!

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