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The Upper East Side Gets a Little Bit Rock n’ Roll



Rock and roll is not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about the Upper East Side. Wild Horse Tavern is about to change all of that. From Executive Chef Max Renny – formerly of Fatty Cue and Fatty Crab – comes a new restaurant with a focus on innovative bar food and American rock & roll.

When the restaurant officially opened in early June, we were invited to a press night to sample the amazing food. The menu has an eclectic take on bar food. From the Smoked Bacon, Beer Mussels and the Vietnamese Dip to the Carolina-Style Chopped Pork and the Chicken Schnitzel, you may feel like you’re on an amazing global cuisine tour. Of course, Wild Horse Tavern offers your favorite bar staples, as well. Their Chili Hot Wings are a tasty alternative to traditional hot wings, while the Eastside Smash Burger is one of their signature menu items, and it’s phenomenal. Keeping it local, the ingredients are all sourced from the Upper East Side. The house-blended patty is from Ottomanelli Bros. Butcher Shoppe and the double smoked bacon is from Schaller & Weber. Then there’s my favorite, the Reubano. Made with house-made pastrami, it’s Wild Horse’s version of the Cuban.


The bar carries twelve beers on tap, including some of your favorite New York local brews. Whiskey A Go-Go, 10 Years Gone and Thyme Is On My Side are just a few of their specialty rock and roll-themed cocktails.

The ambiance is addictive. The bar is adorned with beautiful photographs of rock legends like Janis Joplin and The Rolling Stones. They host live music on a stage located in the rear of the bar. Oh, and if the name sound familiar to you, it’s because it comes right out of a Rolling Stone’s song.

wild-horse-tavern-bar           wild-horse-tavern

Come for the food. Stay for a few cocktails and the live music. Wild Horse Tavern is where all of the cool people will be! Visit their website for a schedule of bands! www.wildhorsetavern.com

Twisted Talk: Have you been to Wild Horse Tavern? What do you think of a rock n’ roll restaurant on the UES? Discuss below! 

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