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Theater As You’ve Never Seen it Before



A day in New York City can be wonderful, enlightening and extremely diverse. Playing with Reality, an interactive performance company, gives its audiences a chance to co-create stories, whether they be funny, sad, exciting, or mysterious…all of them are touching. As diverse as the city that never sleeps, each show encompasses all of the elements that can be found on a daily basis in New York.

Upon arrival at one of their shows, you will be asked if you’d be willing to participate in the show — no pressure, simply answer yes, maybe, or no. Throughout the performance, names will be called and you can stand up and participate or say ‘no thanks’ and decline your turn. If you decide to play, you can act as yourself, or as someone completely different. There is no need to try and be funny or flaunt acting ability — the show aims to show real life moments, and in its objective, it succeeds.

Playing with Reality’s latest show Look Away, Look Away, conceived and directed by company member Trevor Buteau, covered everything from interacting with NYC’s homeless to the tooth fairy to climbing a mountain. Cast members included BJ Burbridge, Jenn Kent, aLyssa Kim, and Noel Salter, all of whom worked wonderfully with the audience implants. The real magic of the show is that it recreates real life moments and isn’t scripted, so you feel as if you are glimpsing into someone else’s life. It is relatable and entertaining to see other people (non-actors) brave the stage to create a performance for you. Furthermore, because of its unique structure, no two performances are the same, allowing viewers to come back time and time again, enjoying a new experience each time.

Make sure to check out their upcoming performances here.

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