Food For Thought — April 5, 2016 at 3:25 pm

Till & Sprocket is the New Hot Spot



It may not have been around long, but that doesn’t mean that the charm of Chelsea’s Till & Sprocket hasn’t made an impression on the neighborhood. The intimate New American spot retains old school elements like worn brick walls and metal piping from its former stint as a fur showroom, but has updated the space has new, modern elements like an all-glass storefront, an open kitchen and gorgeous skylights. The restaurant also shares space with private events club, Interface, which adds on additional space in the back, amenable to hosting events, or allowing customers to find a cozy spot to do work while they eat.


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Till & Sprocket offers something different during the different hours of the day. We stopped by for lunch, which, let’s face it, is usually the most boring meal of the day. You don’t get the sweet options like pancakes and waffles that you do for breakfast and you don’t get options like a big filet mignon or hearty pasta that you do for dinner. Lunch is usually a throw-away meal that consists of soups, salads and sandwiches that are bland at best. Till & Sprocket has succeeded in making me a believer in lunch. Their menu consists of various sandwiches, salads and other items like a soup, pizza, quiche and grains of the day. Their leek quiche was one of the best quiches I’ve ever had, and I’m not usually even a fan of them. The Grains of the Day were a great dish for those who want something on the lighter side, but it does not sacrifice flavor. Another favorite from the menu was the Roasted Turkey Breast sandwich, made on sourdough toast with swiss cheese and herb mayo.



The  restaurant also has an array of cocktails, wines, and beers, as well as a great tea menu featuring blends from Big T NYC. Having sampled the menu at lunch only makes us want to try all they have to offer – every meal of the day! We can hear the Short Rib Polenta and NY Strip calling our name, begging us to stop by for dinner.

Twisted Talk: Where do you dine on your lunch break during the week? What do you usually eat for lunch? Discuss below!


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