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Time and Oak: The Perfect Gift for Whiskey Lovers Everywhere


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Time and Oak whiskey elements brings a personalized touch to even the most routine drinker’s glass of whiskey. By giving the spirit the greatest possible access to wood, the science behind Time & Oak results in a whiskey that is smoother, richer, and more delicious.

The instructions are simple: drop one Whiskey Element in a 750ml bottle of whiskey or preferred spirit, wait 24 hours while stirring occasionally, and enjoy a personally aged and crafted bottle of spirits one can call their own.

In a Time and Oak advertising segment found on You Tube, actor and whiskey enthusiast John O’Hurley demonstrates how simple and easy it is to use Time and Oak. Whiskey Elements allows you to put the barrel in the bottle in order to age the whiskey in a mere 24 hours. Whether you enjoy your whiskey neat or in an Old Fashioned, Whiskey Elements allows you to customize your favorite whiskey for a maximized drinking experience.

What’s the difference between well whiskey and top shelf whiskey? Two categories directly affect the quality of a whiskey or bourbon: time, and oak.

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Unlike wine, alcohol doesn’t get better once sealed in a glass bottle, so time spending outside of an oak barrel doesn’t contribute positively to the flavor of the booze. If 90% of the color, flavor, smoothness, and filtration are coming from the wood, then maybe we should be taking a closer look at the wood.

Trees are naturally well designed to channel liquid through a network of microscopic tubes called xylem, which is also known as capillary action. The wood barrel design was developed more than 2300 years ago as a water tight receptacle to be used in storing and transporting liquids. Around 1200, when the distillation process developed, the Scots noticed that if they left the alcohol in the oak barrels for longer, it would get filtered through the wood for a smoother, richer, more enjoyable alcohol.

If the goal of the whiskey is to filter in and out of the wood to infuse with flavor and pull out that rich amber color, then why not put the barrel into the whiskey and cut out the time? By adding horizontal cuts into the wooden stick, increasing capillary action you don’t need to waste 5 years in a barrel in order to enjoy delicious whiskey.

The next time you are out of gift ideas for your dad, mom, or significant other, check out Time and Oak Whiskey Elements and prepare to be the best gift giver of them all.

The science behind Whiskey Elements are explained quite effectively in the below video:

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite whiskey? Would you like to use Time & Oak products in your favorite bottle? Discuss below!

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