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Time Out NY Love Awards Brings New Yorkers Together



On a chilly November evening, Time Out New York sponsored a wonderful event that brought consumers, press, and small business owners together to celebrate New York’s favorites. Awarded by neighborhood and category (restaurant, bar, cafés, shops, and local culture), voters were able to select their top picks from the community they hold dear.

The event itself was a splashy, memorable tribute to the nightlife culture that Time Out New York often covers in its daily round ups. Slate was the perfect venue to host such an event, a cavernous space with thumping music, finger foods, and craft cocktails with a New York theme.


The winners of the Love New York awards were tried and true neighborhood gems, totaling 33,000 nominations and 19,000 votes. The top winners in each category were:

Most Loved Restaurant: Bread

This Nolita classic has courted New Yorkers for over fifteen years, and it shows. Homey and delicious, Bread is the perfect answer to any meal with anyone.


Most Loved Café: Coffee Project

A newbie to Manhattan’s ever growing coffee scene, this intense purveyor of java is an elegant and innovative place to get your caffeine fix.

Most Loved Shop: Leon & Son Wine and Spirits

A Clinton Hill newcomer has quickly escalated to a neighborhood darling, one where the staff is as helpful as they are knowledgeable. In a city where there are wine stores on every corner, these small kindnesses are what set a shop apart from the rest.


Most Loved Bar: Alphabet City Beer Co.

This laid back but well stocked bar is the sister establishment to the Alphabet City Wine Co., and it maintains a similar vibe. Beer novices and experts alike are welcome here, and the beer obsessed staff is only too happy to assist you in choosing the perfect beer for your palette.

For the full list of winners, click below:

Twisted Talk: What are some of your favorite local spots? What do you think should have been nominated but wasn’t? Discuss below!

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