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Toasting the Town: New York Heritage Salon & Bounty



The Grand Ballroom of the Prince George Hotel in Flatiron exudes just the right amount of panache to host an event that pays homage to New York’s tried and true establishments. Hosted by Toasting the Town, the first annual New York Heritage Salon and Bounty was a unique event honoring what so many of us love about New York City: diversity, good people, and great food.

The old timey environment of this classic ballroom elegantly sets the scene, transporting you back in time to an era where things were simpler, but quality and simplicity were heralded as the most important attribute of a small business. Featuring a live, old-school style jazz band (Nightingale Jazz Band), as well as a live performance of a segment entitled “Building New York,” a throwback to the city’s inception, meant to honor its status as the original melting pot.


It’s always refreshing to be around people who are truly dedicated to the overall advancement of the hospitality industry, and this night’s spectacular event was no exception. We were educated by a plethora of speakers who are fully committed to celebrating New York Heritage Salon and Bounty, and who want New Yorkers to experience the glory of this city in the same vein as the thousands of tourists who visit every year. The amalgamation of entertainment, as well as sponsorship by many reputable and beloved global brands, as well as favorite New York City restaurants, made this evening a truly exceptional occasion. It also doesn’t hurt to have an entire room devoted to bourbon.  At all.


Some of our favorite vendors (and there were SO many excellent options to choose from!) below:

Keen’s Steakhouse

The cut of the evening was lamb, and the audience review was a rave.  The mint jelly inspired glaze on top was fruitier than I was expecting, but it was still an excellent addition to the lamb. As one of the oldest and most successful steakhouses in New York, I can’t help but give this one anything but two thumbs up.

Sarge’s Deli

Do you like pastrami sandwiches?  Do you like them old school style, served on rye bread alongside crisp pickles and thousand-island dressing? Are you tired of waiting in line and paying $20 for it at Katz’s? Add Sarge’s to your list of restaurants to check out. Their old school vibes and delicious knishes make for a great time.

Handcraft Kitchen

A new addition to the Gramercy/Murray Hill hodgepodge of restaurants and bars, this delightfully warm staff was friendly and verbally appreciative of my very blatant “THIS IS AMAZING” face that involuntarily kicked in when I took my first bite of their pulled pork sandwich, garnished with a delightful jicama slaw. If you live in the neighborhood and enjoy nice people and good food, run, don’t walk to Handcraft Kitchen.


I know what you’re thinking: this is the biggest tourist trap of all time. I’d like to counter with: there’s a reason. Though I was full beyond belief (I may have visited the Keen’s table once or twice…or three times), I managed to make room for a bite sized version of this multi-state conglomerate’s frozen hot chocolate, and it was SO worth it.

Twisted Talk: What’s your favorite restaurant in NYC? Will you attend Toasting the Town’s next event? Discuss below! 

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