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Toilets + The Environment – An Unlikely but Fruitful Partnership


TOTO welcome

If you thought home appliances weren’t an ideal source for eco-friendly products, think again. Toto, a Japanese plumbing company with humble roots and lofty goals, recently sponsored a wellness event to spread their mission of water efficiency.

For one hundred years, Toto has been utilizing the technology behind water efficiency in all of their top of the line inventory, and this centennial celebration seeks to draw attention to the company’s founding principles. Their goal is to deliver intelligent, innovative technology for a cleaner, more beautiful life.

TOTO toilette

In an effort to connect with the New York City wellness community, and ever -growing audience who consistently go out of their way to choose sustainability in a variety of areas in their lives, Toto sponsored an event meant to amalgamate the structure of their business with a group of people who value efficiency.

TOTO manicure

In the pristine space of their flagship store on 22nd street, I enjoyed a calming manicure with vegan nail polish, connecting the planet-friendly products created by Toto to the every-day use of a simple product like nail polish. I also received a brief yet informative session on aromatherapy, complete with a personalized scented massage oil and bath scrub that highlighted relaxing characteristics for a place we start and end our days – the bathroom.


Overall, Toto’s commitment to sustainability is not only admirable, but an indicator of the direction companies across the globe are moving towards. The promotion of efficiency and eco-friendly products are a step forward for corporate responsibility as well as the well-being of consumers.

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