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Top Concoctions at The Great Big Bacon Picnic


Photo credit: Chela Crinnion

Bacon. It’s arguably one of the best foods on the planet. Vegetarians may disagree, but that’s only because they’re missing out. This past weekend, The Great Big Bacon Picnic took over the Old Pfizer Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, giving New Yorkers more than just a taste of their favorite meat. The indoor/outdoor festival lucked out with a beautiful weather weekend, where over 100 of NYC’s best restaurants, chefs, food trucks, distillers and more featured their top bacon dishes and specialty cocktails.


We attended the brunch session on Sunday afternoon, where we tried everything from sliders and chocolates to doughnuts and grilled cheese. Throughout the event, attendees were able to enjoy lively music from High & Mighty Brass Band, outdoor games and even cat naps from Casper. Here were our favorite concoctions:


The Great Big Bacon Bar: Greeting you right when you arrive is a giant bar with different types of bacon served up solo just for you to try. It’s exactly what every bacon lover was looking forward to.


Roni-Sue’s Chocolates: This twist on classic chocolate covered toffee included bacon and chili peanuts. It was to die for.

Boonnum’s Kitchen: This spot served up spicy curry filling inside of a delicious, flaky pastry — we loved the massaman flavor.


Bar Bacon: This MWAT favorite showcased bbq burnt ends with a pineapple jalapeño slaw that we had to go back for seconds of.

P.J. Clarke’s: An ingenius riff on a grilled cheese, P.J. Clarke’s impressed us with an inside out grilled bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich. Melted cheese and bacon are just made to be together.

Bakon Vodka: Serving up bloody mary’s and bacon egg creams, the bar at the festival was quite impressive. We were surprised by how delicious the bacon egg cream cocktail was — we’d have another.

Sweet Chili: The ‘porkgasm’ lived up to its name. Spicy Vietnamese caramel glazed pork belly made for a messy treat, but it was finger lickin’ good.


Twisted Talk: Did you attend this year’s Great Big Bacon Picnic? What’s your favorite kind of bacon? Discuss below!

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