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Treat Yo Self: A Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are upon and there’s still shopping to be done! If you still need some gift ideas for your loved ones, or if you need some ideas to send to mom and dad for yourself, we have some of our favorite pampering products for the holidays. Anyone who’s into wellness will love our top picks — from fitness gear to beauty supplies and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


One of my favorite on-the-go fitness products is T-Spheres ($25-35). They are portable self-massage balls that are great for tension relief and adjusting posture, plus they are infused with aroma-therapeutic oils. Whether you need a break during a long flight, need a nice foot massage, or just a nice massage, T-Spheres cover all your bases. Plus, we love the relaxing scents that come along with them. 
Athleisure is all the rage these days and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Newly launched luxury activewear brand VISAKAI has hopped on the bandwagon, not only with fashionable activewear, but functional, as well. Their focus is on a flattering fit and style, along with a patent pending technology to eliminate the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines). The leggings are super comfortable and surprisingly affordable ($69-$78) . The soft and breathable fabric feels thick enough to hide imperfections, while wicking away moisture and keeping you cool and dry. I’m a convert!
Lazy athletes can rejoice with sneakers you don’t have to tie! ZEROTIE ($150) are hands-free shoes that are great for both men and women. No hands are needed to bend over and tie or untie these sneaks (which I never do anyway) and the unbreakable laces come with a lifetime guarantee. It’s no secret that bending over to tie/untie your shoes can be tedious, especially for busy parents, frequent travelers, runners and the disabled. These spiffy shoes remedy that easily!
Our current obsession is Rituals Hammam collection, which boasts scents of eucalyptus and ginger. For someone who needs a little relax time, gift them with the Ritual of Hammam Body Oil ($19), which not only smells amazing, but uses nourishing oil to soothe your skin. Unfortunately it does not come with a masseuse, you’ll have to find your own.

Krankz Wireless Headphones in White Image

Some people have a love/hate relationship with their headphones. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they get tangled, sometimes they fall out, the list goes on. Not anymore. Krankz Audio ($99.99) headphones are perfect for any fitness enthusiast, traveler or music lover. They pair with your smartphone and have a built-in microphone that allows you to easily switch from phone calls to music and back. They have a rechargeable battery that delivers over 36 hours of life and are easy to recharge and come in white, red and black.


White may be the color of the wintertime, but everybody looks pretty in pink. Stowaway Cosmetics Pretty in Pink ($49) set complements all skin tones and will make anyone who wears it glow this holiday season. The four piece set includes peony lipstick, defined volume mascara, spice eyeliner and peony rose lip & cheek rouge.


Nothing is quite as invigorating as well-spent ‘me time.’ Judy Clement Wall realizes that self love is important to our health and her book Find Your Awesome: A 30-Day Challenge to Fall in Love with Your Playful, Imaginative & Colorful Self ($11) helps you get there. This small book is a fun way to get in your ‘me time’ with encouragement to create art, be grateful, appreciate your body and so much more.

Twisted Talk: What’s on your wishlist this holiday season? Who do you still need to shop for? Discuss below!

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