Bottoms Up — February 3, 2017 at 12:35 pm

Twinings Masters the Art of Earl Grey



Arguably one of the most renowned tea companies in the world, Twinings launched its empire more than 300 years ago back in 1706 in London, England. Today, steeped (literally) in a rich history and decades of tradition, the Twinings company still remains on the forefront of the tea industry, with over 200 varieties of tea, served in countries around the world.



We recently attended the official launch of Twinings’ new Earl Grey blends that introduced three new varietals into the world of Twinings. Lavender, Jasmine and Extra Bold earl greys were served at Manhattan’s Haven’s Kitchen, where attendees had the opportunity, not only to try these three new blends, but also enjoy them in craft cocktails. 10th generation Stephen Twining was also in attendance, discussing with guests the new flavors, along with the history of the brand.




Each new varietal was better than the last — the extra bold was not overpowering as one might expect, but just enough of that rich black tea flavor one has come to expect. The jasmine added a nice aroma to the tea, and added just an extra hint of flavor, while the lavender, we thought, was the most flavorful.


For all you tea lovers out there looking for something new to try, we highly recommend these three new blends of Twinings’ Earl Grey. Even if you aren’t a big black tea fan, these will certainly appeal to even the more discerning palates.

Twisted Talk: Have you had Twinings tea before? What’s your favorite kind of tea? Discuss below!

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