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Until You’re Mine: Not Your Mary Poppins


If you are planning on hiring a nanny to help you prepare for your soon-to-be born baby, this book might make you think twice! Samantha Hayes‘ novel, Until You’re Mine, is a psychological thriller about an expecting mother who lets a secretive new nanny into her family at a time when – by coincidence? – pregnant women are being attacked in the area. Is Zoe really too good to be true?

“I grab my laptop and make some notes. When I write “due date,” my finger hits the wrong key and it comes out as “die date.”” (pg. 44)

Until You’re Mine is told from three points of view: Claudia Morgan-Brown, a social worker and expecting mother; Zoe Harper, her newly hired nanny; and Lorraine Fisher, a detective investigating the gruesome murders. With her husband leaving on a secret mission with the British Navy and two young stepsons, Claudia reluctantly agrees to bring a stranger into her home to help take care of the boys and the baby about to be born in just a few weeks time. Zoe seems to fit all of the personal ad’s requirements and more. However, Claudia cannot shake the feeling that there is something very off about Zoe. Lorraine is a Detective Inspector assigned to finding who is responsible for the horrible crimes with none other than her husband, Detective Inspector Adam Scott. At home, she is trying to keep their marital problems a secret from her daughters but the underlying tension spurs her oldest to run away. Having her child ripped from her, much like the poor victims, affects her work more than she would like to admit.

At its core, Until You’re Mine is a story about motherhood. What does it take to be a mother? What are our own definitions of being a failure of motherhood? And how far would someone go to have a child of their own?

I can honestly say that I was completely surprised by the ending – I did not see it coming! It was so wonderfully twisted and well thought-out. The last line of the entire book gave me chills. Chills. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this edge-of-your-seat novel as soon as possible!

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