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Vegetarian Delights in the Midst of Curry Hill



You just don’t mess with success. Kailash Parbat, an authentic Sindhi restaurant that has been around for over 60 years, with locations across the globe, finally placed roots down in New York City. The restaurant is known for its distinct vegetarian street food dishes and fits right in in its neighborhood in Curry Hill. Because of the partition in India back in the 1940s, Sindhi cooking was mostly preserved by home cooks, so Kailash Parbat is one of the few restaurants that people can enjoy this authentic Indian experience.

The New York City location is manned by third generation descendants of the original owners Amit and Gary Mulchandani who have created warm and inviting atmosphere for their customers. The sleek, contemporary restaurant is decorated with colorful, modern graphics and street scenes from Bombay, providing structured wooden booth seating for guests. All the food at Kailash Parbat is made in house every day, utilizing fresh ingredients and tried and true recipes from restaurant’s long history.

Kailash Parbat’s menu has no shortage of dishes, beginning with their wide array of refreshing drinks. They have everything from masala chaas and lassis to jaljeera and fresh squeezed juice. Start off with appetizers from their custom-designed chaat bar, which allows guests to build their own crispy, spicy fried snacks, ranging from puffed rice mixed with chickpeas and tamarind to corn baskets filled with corn and spicy sauce. Customers can play around with their chaat, varying the spices and flavors. We recommend trying small bites of many different chaats to get a diverse sampling of what the restaurant has to offer.


Entrees do not disappoint here, either. With vegetarian dishes such as lasooni dahl tadka, cooked yellow lentils flavored with cumin seeds, garlic and curry leaves, and diwani handi, mixed vegetables and paneer with mint, spinach, and ginger, Kailash Parbat’s menu features dishes inspired by the Punjab, Indo-Chinese, Sindhi and tandoor. We especially loved the paneer makhanwala, which includes house made Indian cheese in a rich tomato sauce, a hearty, filling dish.


In addition to their outstanding hearty dishes, Kailash Parbat also offers a fun selection of desserts. Unlike anything else we’ve ever tried, the jamun e jannat, comprised of gulab jamun, which is a golden fried dumpling, served with a base of rabri, which is a sweet yogurt-like sauce. It was not only delicious, but also very unique.
From the drinks to the dessert, Kailash Parbat served up winners from start to finish. The friendly staff made our dining experience there even more enjoyable. This place could just turn me into a vegetarian!
Kailash Parbat is located at 99 Lexington Avenue.
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