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Walter’s Coffee is Brewing in Brooklyn



It’s been three years since chemistry teacher Walter White heated things up on the infamous television series Breaking Bad, and fans are still trying to find a way to get their fix. Enter Deniz Kosan, an entrepreneur that got the inspiration to open Walter’s Coffee Roastery from an episode of the series.

After opening the original location in Istanbul, Kosan is venturing into the hip neighborhood of Bushwick with the opening of Walter’s Coffee Roastery this summer. While the coffee shop resembles something from the set of Breaking Bad, people should not expect it to be a themed café. It is a unique coffee experience that looks to brew coffee at its optimal point using chemistry.


Getting their caffeine fix, customers do not need to be alarmed to see people wearing HazMat suits and working with beakers because that is how the coffee will be served. Walter’s Coffee Roastery roasts the coffee beans on site daily and offers a full line of homemade pastries. Continuing the Breaking Bad theme, the mouthwatering pancakes are coated with powdered sugar with an imprint of Walter White’s face.

The Brooklyn shop is guaranteed to become a hotspot with its welcoming design. Aiming to become a sit-and-linger spot, Walter’s Coffee accommodates people that work outside a typical office. Kosan explained that there will be comfortable seating, power outlets and Wi-Fi that allows people to make Walter’s Coffee their temporary office. Even if coffee aficionados are not there to work, they can have a science lesson with the large periodic table on display and find the elements that are in coffee.

It’s time for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to step aside and welcome Walter’s Coffee Roastery into the mix. New Yorkers can get their Breaking Bad fix while enjoying a cup of coffee, minus the meth.. of course!

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