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Warm Weather Beauty Essentials


Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. With the arrival of warm weather comes a necessary change in your beauty regime. From skincare to hair care, all the way to make-up, it’s important to cater to the seasons and look your absolute best. We’ve got the products to help you get there!


Bold brows are showing no signs of going out of style anytime soon and thanks to Cara Delevigne, women everywhere are doing whatever they can to enhance their eyebrows. Forget pesky pencils and powders, RevitaLash Cosmetics has the solution to your brow problems. Their Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel ($32) not only fills in any sparse or thin areas in your eyebrows, but also helps to control, enhance and condition those sometimes unruly brows of yours. Boldly defining the brows, keeping them in place and making them look au natural, this hot item is our new favorite staple in our make-up bag.


Spring is all about shimmer and shine. Lucky for us, Milani’s Fierce Foil Lipgloss gives lips a serious new way to pucker up. Formulated with multidimensional pearlescent that captures light, the lipgloss gives lips a pop of color and dazzling shimmer. The unique formula softens, smoothes and shines your lips, making your lips not only look delicious, but smell delicious, as well! The collection comes in six flattering colors, all of which are named after chic Italian cities. The glosses are available for a limited time for $4.99 at CVS.


Everyone knows that too much heat and styling can damage your hair and with the warm, sunny skies, more and more of us are trying to look our best. I.C.O.N.‘s India 24k Richly Exotic Masque ($40.50) works to detangle and condition your hair with restorative and hydrating Moringa, Argan, amber, coconut and olive fruit tree oils. Its use of antioxidants strengthens the hair to make it shiny and smooth and heal any damage done by styling and heat. Unlike other hair masques, this one really works wonders and you can feel the change immediately.


When the weather starts getting warm, the hair starts getting big. Many of us use hair straighteners or curlers to tame our frizzy hair in the spring and summer seasons, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve fallen prey to the accidental burn quite a few times. First Degree Multi-Symptom Burn Cream and Pain Relief Burn Spray are two products that work hand in hand with one another. The cream treats epidermal burns to soothe, prevent infection and reduce the appearance of scars. The spray provides the highest level of pain relief and together, they can solve those pesky burn problems in a heartbeat.


There’s a song about summer lovin’ for a reason. If you’re looking for a summer romance, we suggest you kick start it with 0.2 Fragrance ($120/100mL, $80/50mL, $40/7.5mL), a unisex scent that is designed to evoke excitement and inspiration. Developed by Holly Riddel, the scent was created based off of the statistic that states the love at first sight only takes a fraction of a second. The scent combines Italian bergamot and spearmint to create an enchanting and alluring smell, sure to capture the attention of many. Get spritzing!


With the sun out in full force, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best. Eraclea is a skincare company with a line of products that utilize the patented HylaSponge System, which basically acts as a second skin to deliver hyaluronic acid to both hydrate and moisturize the skin. This system, along with antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and botanicals, come together to create a line of products that will keep your skin looking younger and fresher. Their latest products, which launched this spring, include the detox-oxygenating reaffirming mask ($60), multi-action reaffirming face serum ($90), and eye contour reaffirming serum ($65). These new products were developed using cellusomes of Eryngium, a sea holly plant, which provides the ultimate hydration to the skin.


Keep free of germs with Essenza ($3.99-$4.99), a line of luxurious hand soaps that keep your hands soft and smooth (and perfect to hold) with essential oils, shea butter and aloe. Not only do they clean and pamper your hands, but they also come in a range a delicious smelling scents, including rosemary mint, pear glace, South Pacific waters, mango agave and more. Best of all, they are easy to use with hand pumps and are extremely affordable!


All ladies know that the heat of the sun can melt a popsicle in a heartbeat. But since make-up is quite a bit pricier than a popsicle, it’s a damn shame when traveling and your make-up gets ruined. Enter the Cool-It Caddy ($24.95-$29.95)! This line of compact cases and carriers have a built in coolant system to ensure your make-up stays intact, even when lounging at the beach. Coming in a range of styles and designs, the Cool-It Caddy is a perfect addition to any beauty babe’s must-haves this spring and summer. And no need to restrict your caddy to just carrying make-up, the bags can be used to keep sunscreens, snacks and drinks cool, too!


Those of us who don’t clean our make-up brushes on the regular can become victim to unsightly blemishes. Keep you skin clear and your brushes in tip-top shape with Japonesque‘s Solid Brush Cleanser ($20). The cleanser gives you two in one action, not only removing bacteria and make-up buildup from your brush, but also deep conditioning the bristles, as well. Using gentle goat milk and a freshly scent formula, this cleanser is easy to use and mess-free. Not only is it effective, but you can easily take it with you wherever you travel this summer.

Twisted Talk: What are your warm weather go-to beauty products? Which of these would you most like to get your hands on? Discuss below!

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