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Watching “6 Guitars” is a Beautiful Experience



“6 Guitars,” written and performed by Chase Padgett is magic. Co-Written by Jay Hopkins, this show is not about magic per se, but the magic that exists in music and how music creates that magic through connectivity. The power in which notes are taken from evolving genres to become something new, connecting the past with the present, cultures with evolution, and finally people with other people.

Anchored by Padgett’s tour de force performance, this is an experience in which six different performers (all played by Padgett) treat us to their journey. From an old and seasoned blues man to a hardcore metalhead all the way to a country singer, we witness each life while finding out why they play the music they play. This exploration of motive by each character gives this piece the spine it needs for the songs to be performed. And each song gets us closer to each character, making us understand why they play, why they sing, what they need to say, and in the process, entertain us on the way.


Padgett is a charismatic performer who creates a bond with his audience almost instantly. Once he has your attention, he will not let it go. And the whole time, while we are laughing and enjoying ourselves, he is building on stage a story. A beautiful narrative which is finalized by the characters joining and singing “Imagine.” I know, some people might read that last sentence and roll their eyes, but believe me, it is not to be missed.

As I walked away from the theater, I heard another audience member say “I love good theater; it’s just… nothing else is like it.” And I agree. Being in that room and sharing this experience with all these people was part of what made it unique. Padgett and Hopkins have a great show on their hands, and you shouldn’t skip it.

Out of 4 stars:

4 stars

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