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We Adore Adoro Lei



Remember the kids’ game Pizza Party? Mixing and matching toppings for your pizza was fun even when it was just cardboard, so imagine how much more fun and exciting it becomes with actual pizza at your disposal. Unusual and intriguing combinations of toppings adorn the Neapolitan pizzas at Adoro Lei. The SoHo pizzeria opened its doors in January 2015 with the goal of bringing the “ultimate upscale pizza party” to the neighborhood, and it has done just that.


Entrepreneurs Rick Froio and Joseph Primiano, along with creative director Michael DiBugnara, have done something different with the whole feel of this spot. No red and white checkered tablecloths adorn the tables and the old school vibe of classic Italian restaurants has been completely elevated to a more modern, yet sophisticated ambiance. This is not only reflected in the decór, but in the food and drinks, as well.

As mentioned, the pizza here takes center stage, which is probably why their pizza has made The Daily Meal’s list of top 35 pizzas in America. With over 15 different varieties to choose from, including both red (with sauce) and white (without sauce) pizzas, as well as the option for gluten free, there’s definitely something for everyone here. Creative selections include the Andrea (made with tomato, calamari, fingerling potatoes, rosemary, pecorino, black olives, red pepper flakes) and the Medici Magnificent (made with pesto, soppressata, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella). It’s combinations like these that have put Adoro Lei on the map.


But that’s not to say that pizza is all that this restaurant is about. Pastas, salads, paninis, and starters are all equally appetizing, from the Adoro Sliders and Truffle Rice Balls to the wittily named Lover’s Purses brown butter sage pasta. Mixologist Elayne Duff lent a hand to Adoro Lei’s cocktail menu to ensure equally satisfying tipples tickle your tastebuds. Try your hand at cheeky options like All Night Affair, Tender Moment, Honey Hallucinates or the Silent Assassin Punch if you feel up to it. Top off your evening with Nutella Fingers, aka fried dough drizzled with nutella and topped with housemade whipped cream, and call it a night! This is one pizza party you won’t want to miss.

Twisted Talk: Have you ever dined at Adoro Lei before? Which was your favorite pizza? Discuss below!

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