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We Are Peace Love World: Heys USA Bringing Positivity One Bag At a Time


PLW I Am Complete Set Font largeles glare (2)

You stand at baggage claim, dully watching the sea of plain black suitcases and occasional designer luggage, idly trying to determine just which boring bag is yours, or looking for the most obnoxiously printed bag you chose as to not lose your items; sound familiar? What if your luggage stood for something?  With the Heys USA Peace Love World Collection, you can promote peace, love and happiness wherever the travel bug takes you.

With a mission to “change the world,” the bags debut this fall and range from $200-$500. The line comes with sweet slogans such as “I am Complete,” “I am Travel,” and “I am Peace Love World.”

Heys USA is no rookie to the travel goods industry. Being at the head of its class for more than 27 years, and licensing major brand names such as Disney, Fazzino, and Hello Kitty. Heys USA knows their stuff, especially when it comes to portability and durability. The bags are made using polycarbonate composite technology (super light weight!) and come with a seven-year warranty.

The world could use just a little more positivity going around.

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