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Whisky Live 2017: A Recap of Our Favorites


Every year whisky lovers gather at Chelsea Piers to partake in the event known as Whisky Live. Here, attendees can try expressions from their favorite brands, as well as discover new, small batch brands from near and far. We loved trying unique expressions from some of our favorites, like Jack Daniels, Usquaebach, Yamakazi and more. However, the highlight of Whisky Live is always discovering new brands and we want to report back some of our favorite new discoveries to you!


Barr an Uisce This Irish whisky is certainly one of the more unique whiskies I tried over the course of the night. The name, literally meaning “above the water” in Irish, pays homage to the Irish monks who first distilled whiskey and called it “uisce.” They produce the Wicklow Rare, a small batch blended whiskey, as well as the 1803 Single Malt, a 10-year old whiskey. The latter is the more unusual of the two, with a spicy tang, followed by notes of tropical fruits, cinnamon and ginger.

via Tails from the Barstool

via Tails from the Barstool

Sons of Liberty Spirits Company This American brand sought to bring a rebirth of American whiskey to the mix. They produce single malt whiskies from flavorful beers, an array of flavored whiskies, and are make the first line of seasonal whiskies. We loved trying their single malts, but are totally looking forward to trying some of their seasonals, like apple, pumpkin spice and honey chamomile (yum!).


Van Brunt Stillhouse A local company, made right in Red Hook, Brooklyn, sources their rye, wheat and corn from farmers in upstate New York, keeping it close to home. We tried their American whiskey, malt, bourbon and rye whiskies, each of which was delicious and went down smooth. The most unique was the American whiskey, which is made from a four grain blend, mostly comprised of malted barely and wheat, with some corn and rye. Their bourbon was definitely another favorite, plus their bottles are pretty darn cute.


Walsh Whiskey Distillery Home of both The Irishman and Writer’s Tears, Walsh Whiskey Distillery is a relatively new family-owned business that is a force to be reckoned with. In 2007, they launched The Irishman, a premium blend of old Irish pot still whiskey made from 70% single malt and 30% single pot still, making it the only Irish blended whiskey to contain 100% whiskey distillates from copper pot still and zero grain or column still whiskey. But it was the Writer’s Tears, established in 2009, that had us doing flips. This boutique brand is made of 60% single malt and 40% single pot still whiskeys. It’s fantastic.

via The Baltimore Sun

via The Baltimore Sun

Last, but not least, we’re saving the sweetest thing we tried at Whisky Live until the end. Okay, so it’s not a whisky, but Parfections served up insanely good hand-made chocolates throughout the course of the evening. Using all-natural ingredients, this Maryland-based company serves up truffles, bark, and chocolate-dipped fruit. We fell in love with their cherry pistachio chocolate bark.

Twisted Talk: Are you a whisky drinker? What are some of your favorites? Discuss below!

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