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Winter Cocktails At The Eddy



Winter cocktails will delight you at The Eddy, a hip East Village restaurant. This sweet spot is cozy, quaint, and has very creative, one of a kind cocktails that please every palate.

The 7th Regiment Punch is packed with flavor, spirits, and served in vintage china. This cocktail is great for those who enjoy flavors of brandy and winter spices. If you are seeking a trip back to your childhood, try the Bedrock Fizz, topped with Fruity Pebbles. Using Greenhook Old Tom Gin, Aperol, and Egg Whites, this fizzy, delicious, and light cocktail will have your inner child smiling with every sip.

the-eddy-cocktail-1               the-eddy-cocktail

Maybe you’re seeking to sip on something for dessert? If so, Pop Tate’s Frappe is just the cocktail for you. Using malted milk ice cream (which is delicious on its own), Letherbee Absinthe, Amaro Montenegro, and Left Hand Milk Stout, this frothy, cold, and creamy cocktail is simply the best.

Besides the creative concoctions, the food here is also worth many mentions. Bacon Cheddar Tots with pea puree and mustard are a must order for yourself or the table, while the Beef Tendon Puffs are a favorite appetizer for those who want a little crunch and dare to be a little different. The Eddy also serves fresh Oysters with Pear Yuzu Ice, Ricotta Gnocchi, and many more delectable options.

the-eddy-food             the-eddy-oysters

Thinking about heading over to The Eddy? You should! This hot spot fills fast, because the space is cozy, quaint, and the cocktails are the best. Make it a priority to visit this winter before the spring and summer cocktails debut.

Twisted Talk: Have you been to The Eddy before? What cocktail are you most looking forward to trying? Discuss below!

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