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Y2 Collection for Men Debuts at NYFW



As another fashion week comes to an end, people tend to look at all the styles that were under the white tents at Lincoln Center. However, one of the next big designers that debuted his collections, headed downtown to The Highline Loft in Chelsea. Y2 Collection, designed by Amable, catered to the fashionisto’s lifestyle of tuxedos, suits and casual wear.

Prior to launching the collection, Amable got the inspiration to start his own clothing line through his event planning company. “When I attended weddings that I planned, I wore one of my custom suits,” he said. “People began to ask where they can get one, and I decided to work on starting a line.”

Debuting an array of suits, the collection pays homage to detail and fine fabrics. “I’ve used velour on tuxedos and it’s chic and elegant,” Amable said. Instead of the usual solid color suits, the Y2 Collection offers unique patterns that would be a statement for an occasion. Colors range from bright pink to white, as well as reserved colors that will make any man the talk of the night. People should not just think of suits when they hear Y2, because the casual side is just as fashionable. The soft and subtle toned turtleneck sweaters and pants are tailored for the causal professionals.

While the suits impressed the attendees of the presentation, one of the statements that completed the outfits were the tote bags. Designed with woven leather, it is the perfect accessory for going to work, traveling or strolling down Fifth Avenue. Instead of buying the usual Herschel or Jack Spade tote bags, people should keep Y2 on their radar for their stylish bags.

Not only has the collection caught the attention of the fashion forward individuals, but it has also peaked the interest of some major national retailers. Currently, customers can purchase the designs through their website.

Amable brings a unique quality to his collection; there is always a personal touch to each piece of clothing and even the brand. “The ‘Y’ stands for the first letter in my last name, and the ‘2’ represents my two children,” he said.

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