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You Deserve a Drink


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You tube sensation, comedian, and former bartender Mamrie Hart is charming, funny, and outrageous in the best way possible.  She’s someone you could count on to make a perfect Manhattan, who could cheer you up when you’re having a bad day, someone you could absolutely see yourself hanging out with on a regular basis.

On the 19th floor of the Chrysler building, New York’s female elite came out to celebrate the newly emerged print work of Southern Belle turned New Yorker Mamrie Hart.  Hailing from North Carolina (and a UNC Chapel Hill alum), Hart moved to New York to pursue a career as a serious actress before realizing her “face was made of rubber”.  She turned to a more reliable career in comedy, performing at Uptown Citizens Brigade as well as the People’s Improv Theatre, but eventually grew tired of begging friends to come see her shows.  Rather than coercing friends to attend and performing in front of an audience of 20, Hart became an early adopter of You Tube, reaching stadium sized audiences in a matter of minutes.

Mamrie Hart Reading

Hart employed her glowing personality behind the bar at a staple restaurant in Gramercy called City Crab to support herself financially, and she was able to transpose her gifts of cocktail-crafting into an informative video accompanying her comedy routine.  She remains humble, insisting that even if you aren’t geared towards her particular brand of comedy, you can still learn how to make a fantastic cocktail from reading her book or watching her You Tube videos.

The event promoting Hart’s book was feminine and classy, featuring champagne and ice cream sandwiches as she regaled us with comic tales of her life as an aspiring comic, most of which involved alcohol.  We are thrilled to read the rest of it, as well as the remainder of the cocktail recipes Hart has provided.

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