Bottoms Up — January 4, 2019 at 11:35 am

Your Next Favorite Kombucha: Bear’s Fruit



I have to admit – when kombucha first became mainstream and popular a few years ago, I was not on board. I just didn’t like the taste. Fast-forward to now and things couldn’t be more different. I’m obsessed. I drink it at least every week, if not every day.

So what exactly is kombucha and what are its health benefits? First of all, kombucha is a fermented tea, which means it contains all of health benefits of tea, and then some. It is filled with probiotics, which help to provide your gut with healthy bacteria and can aid in digestion, inflammation and even weight loss. It also contains antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals and reduce liver toxicity. Additionally, many researcher believe it has the same effects as green tea, helping to increase calories burned throughout the day, improve cholesterol, help control blood sugar and more.


I recently discovered an amazing kombucha brand called Bear’s Fruit, which is made in Brooklyn! It’s made with 100% organic fruits and herbs and contains zero juice, flavors or added colors or preservatives. Besides all of that, hat makes this brand my new favorite? Let me tell you! Right now it comes in three delicious flavors – Blueberry Lavender, Pineapple Mint and Strawberry Jalapeño. They are all unique and delicious (I just wish there were more!). I also love the fact that they come in the perfect size bottle. Your body can only process 8-10 ounces of kombucha at once (I had no idea!), so the bottle size is the perfect serving, unlike many other brands out there that have such large sizes. Plus, Bear’s Fruit is certified USDA organic and fair trade USA certified.

Owners and founders Amy and Chris named the company Bear’s Fruit to play on the phrase “to bear fruit,” which means to yield positive results. Bear’s Fruit believes that what you put in, you get out, so you are guaranteed a grade-A product. Next time you’re looking for a kombucha to try out, make it Bear’s Fruit. I’m hooked.


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