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Zeusvision: Taking Your Creative Vision to the Next Level



Today marks the launch of Zeusvision‘s public campaign, which aims to bring outdoor advertising to the everyday person. The company has been working with Fortune 500 companies to promote their messages, but now they are bringing public advertising and messaging to the average person. Zeusvision Public is rolling out packages starting as low at $99 that will allow business owners and the average person to get their messages heard at prime locations.

The company utilizes giant 40ft. buses that are equipped with 31ft. digital screens on each side, along with a theater-quality QSC audio system, which roam around high traffic areas in Los Angeles. With the launch of Zeusvision Public, additional markets will be introduced beginning in 2015, including New York City, Chicago, Boston, Dallas and more major cities. CEO Giovanni Wolfgang’s vision for the company is to allow anyone to get their message out — whether you are looking for a unique way to propose to a loved one, congratulate a family member on a new job or announce a best friend’s birthday.


Those who decide to get on board with Zeusvision can visit the ad scheduler to upload their content, pick the day(s) and frequency they want their ad to run and easily pay via credit card. Advertising has never been so easy — Zeusvision even allows users to schedule content months or even hours before they want their message to go live. Additionally, Zeusvision has some state of the art technology that allows its users to run their message specifically when and where you need it by using geo-locating ads that utilize GPS services. If, for instance, you are planning on proposing to your girlfriend at a certain time and place, schedule your ad, and Zeusvision will text you when the slated ad is five minutes away, so you can be perfectly timed with your immaculate display. Other impressive technology include eye tracking, which enables the ad to recognize a person looking at the bus within 30ft. and can then composite them into an ad or message on the bus in real time — a great source for a fashion brand that wants customers to see how they’d look in their clothes. Other extremely impressive technology is set to roll out along with Zeusvision’s public launch.

So whether you’re a small company looking to expand your reach, a mother looking to with her daughter a happy birthday, or a brother welcoming home his friend, look to Zeusvision to take your gesture to the next level.

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