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Debutante. at the Bernie Wohl Center is Worth It

Debutante., written by Ryann Weir and directed by Anne Tippe, is the story of three teenage heiresses during the weeks preceding their all-important society debut. The play is equal parts Oscar Wilde, taking a mocking but affectionate approach to the existence of such privileged, isolated creatures, and John Hughes, being quintessentially 1980s in its references to Jazzercise and Dynasty.   […]

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Sisters Not Just Doin’ It for Themselves

Jennifer, Cynthia and Heather Flood are three sisters on a mission. In 2008 their father was diagnosed with kidney failure and given six months to live. So they used what resources they had and turned to the internet. Through Craig’s List they were able to find their father a kidney (100 potential donors responded) and soon set out to do […]

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Viewing the “Holy Land”

This past Tuesday I attended a performance of the Holy Land at HERE (145 6th ave).  The performance was originally written by French-Algerian playwright Mohammad Kacimi. Translated by Chantal Bilodeau, the tale begins in what could represent Iraq, Afghanistan or possibly Israel. The running narrative throughout the play revolves around the dehumanization and brutality associated with war and military conflict. The play begins with […]

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Accessorize for a Cause

Fasten your seat belts…it’s going to be a fashion statement! Snap2Live belts are one of the latest stylish accessories taking the world by storm, all while tackling a global issue. Using a simple design of a standard seat belt and transforming it into fashion, creator and social entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello aims to spread awareness of road safety. “I became aware that […]

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A LOL-Worthy Summer Read

With Spring season upon us and Summer right around the corner, most people check the book racks for a light-hearted, fun read. I recently read a book that perfectly fits the bill — Synchronized Breathing, a refreshing and funny debut novel by Tara Ellison. The novel centers around Scarlett, a thirty-something year old woman who has just left her husband […]

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Vera Wang Debuts New Bridal Collection

Vera Wang is a designer that needs no introductions. She is quite possibly the most famous wedding dress designer of our time. Although I’ve seen the Vera Wang name on other ventures like eyewear, shoes and jewelry, her wedding collection is the reason I fell in love with her. In 2011, she launched her highly anticipated collection for David’s Bridal, […]

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Sassy Spring Looks from Head to Toe

Spring is the season to reinvent your wardrobe. As it coincides with cleaning out your closet, it’s best to get rid of old duds and stock up on some fabulous warm weather finds. We’ve put together five great looks to get you turning heads this Spring, check them out below! Nautically Inclined 1. Benneton Denim Jacket ($99.50) |2. French Connection Lori Straw […]

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Rocking with Music Legends

Behind the doors of Carroll Place, patrons rocked out to the music of a former New York Yankee and music legends during the Rock and Blues Charity Concert last week. Benefiting the Ocular Immunology & Uveitis Foundation, performers included Bernie Williams, Jay Jay French, Tabitha Fair and more. After hanging up his iconic Yankee jersey, Williams joined The Pink Slip Blues […]

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The Scent of Suspense: A Book Launch

Perfume and mystery are partners in crime. Certain smells have the power to conjure long-forgotten memories, stirring up stagnant, intangible feelings that we can’t quite explain. Science backs this up. A 2012 study found the mere whiff of scents like cake batter or an old flame’s signature perfume can bring on emotional memories. They can also leave us baffled – […]

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Peace Love World: The Happiest Fashion Around

Peace and love are the fundamental forces that lead to happiness. This trinity is the path to enlightenment. That is part of the mission statement from the new Peace Love World Collection. Founder and creative designer, Alina Villasante, says that the mission statement is just an extension of how she lives her life, and she wanted her collection to reflect it. […]

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