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A Diamond in the Rough: Aladdin on Broadway




An evening on Broadway is always a treat, but unfortunately some shows get more hype than others (we’re looking at you, Hamilton). Just because you can’t afford the sky high ticket prices for Hamilton is no reason to skip out on seeing a Broadway show altogether. And what shows have better music than Disney? (Trick question: none.)

We recently spent a night on the town to see Aladdin the Musical on Broadway, thanks to Disney Style, and we were not disappointed. Having already seen The Lion King on Broadway, we had high expectations — the props and use of puppets in that production were awe-inspiring. And for some reason, Aladdin just hasn’t had as much hype surrounding it as other Broadway shows. But boy were we surprised by this show!


The genie wasn’t the only one with a little magic that night; the entire show was magical, from the set designs to the cast to the music. Adam Jacobs, who played the titular Aladdin, was charming in the role. He was every bit as charismatic and energetic as the version you remember from your childhood. His singing and acting chops kept the audience entertained throughout the evening.

It’s also no surprise that we were enthralled by James Monroe Iglehart, who won a Tony Award in 2014 for his role as Genie — it was definitely deserved. Robin Williams’ steps are hard ones to fill, especially in such an iconic role, but Iglehart does it seamlessly, making us instantly fall in love. The musical number “Friend Like Me” is one of the best on Broadway.


Classic Aladdin favorites Raja and Abu were each replaced by a trio of friends for the theater, which created some great new tunes to the production. Tony and Academy Award winner Alan Menken is the man behind the music, with lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and book writer Chad Beguelin.

All in all, this is one Broadway show that will make you believe in magic again.

Twisted Talk: What’s the last show you saw on Broadway? Have you seen Aladdin? Discuss below!

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