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A Look Inside Sir Ivan’s Infamous Party in the Hamptons


Sir Ivan Celebrates His Anti-Bullying Anthem "Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye"

Long known for hosting his over the top annual summer parties, philanthropist and recording artist Sir Ivan was at it again this past weekend at his castle in the Hamptons. The Royal Tea Dance Party celebrated Sir Ivan’s new anti-bullying anthem and music video “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” which features Taylor Dayne.

Over 600 party-goers traipsed up the long driveway that led to Sir Ivan’s 15,000 square foot castle in Water Mill (yes, his castle has its own website), which was appropriately lit in rainbow colors following the recent passing of marriage equality by the Supreme Court. Not one to simply throw a party, Sir Ivan required mandatory costumes — this year the theme was Village People, meaning all attendees had to come dressed to impress as either a cop, Indian, biker, cowboy, construction workers or sailors. But if you’re expecting people dressed from head to toe in full gear, think again. The infamous castle is known as the ‘Playboy Mansion of the Hamptons’ for a reason. We saw more butt cheeks at this party than you can expect to see at the newborn ward in the hospital. Bras and thongs seemed to be the costume of choice, but with strategically placed feathers or a side of handcuffs, they made sure to stick to the theme.

Sir Ivan Celebrates His Anti-Bullying Anthem "Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye"

DJ Sin Morera kept the party pumping all night long, with a five hour set, accompanied by 28 world class dancers from Stepping Out Studios. Bars were scattered throughout the grounds for attendees to satisfy their thirst, with ample amounts of Moet and Aviv Vodka. A buffet on the lawn helped to satiate the party animals when they got hungry from dancing. Sir Ivan kept the party waiting until he finally made his grand entrance, aboard a motorcycle at that. He then got on stage and performed his latest song, donning a leather biker cape adorned with a giant Swarovski peace sign, solidifying his role as a peacemaker.

Sir Ivan Celebrates His Anti-Bullying Anthem "Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye"

All of the proceeds from the epic party went to his organization, the Peaceman Foundation, which supports non-profits that combat bullying. Joining Sir Ivan in the celebratory party were some other notable names, including former Village People singer Randy Jones, Pras from The Fugees, Aaron Paul, Omar Sharif Jr., Michael Musto, Marc Leder, Rain Dove, Harmony Doucher, Farrah Krenek, Cory Wade, Colin Asercion, among others. There’s no telling how Sir Ivan plans to top himself next year, but we plan on finding out!

*All images via Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Twisted Talk: Have you ever been to one of Sir Ivan’s parties before? Do you support his anti-bullying agenda? Discuss below!

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