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A Murder Mystery Sets Chase in The Bloody Shoe Affair



You have to love the fact that literature gives us the opportunity to write down our crazy stories. We each have vivid imaginations and would love to have our own stories published. While reading The Bloody Shoe Affair by Joy York I had a lot of thoughts run through my head, and one of them was the fact that I could have never in a million years thought to write a story like this. Joy York weaves a very interesting and daring mystery where the main characters are teenage girls going through puberty.

When Christi visits her cousins she is pulled into a harrowing, thrilling, and scary adventure all because of her daring cousin Lily. The situation that they find themselves in is not only dangerous, but very touchy, as well, because they are putting everyone at risk with the questions and the actions that they take. When Christi arrives at the town of Roselyn, Mississippi, Lily pulls her aside and tells her that there has been a murder and she is going to find out who is responsible. Mind you, these are teenage girls that have not even started high school yet. What adds fuel to the fire is that Lily is the jailer’s daughter and lives right next to the jail, and the only suspect has been caught and captured. Jailed in the basement, you would think that daredevil Lily wouldn’t even try to go and question a suspected murderer; but she does just because that is what she is known to do.

Christi is a city girl and does not want to follow along but when they discover new information that sheds some light as to what may happened to the accused, his dead friend, and his missing pregnant wife, they begin to realize that he could actually be innocent. This wild goose chase takes them on a dangerous path to figure out who those bloody shoes belong to, and what really happened to the missing, pregnant wife. Is she really dead? And if so, did the husband kill her? Although this is not a comedy, the fact that this case is being worked by two teenagers and they are finding out more information than the actual cops is comical.

Want to find out what happens? Then make sure to pick up a copy of The Bloody Shoe Affair! For more information on the author and the book make sure to visit the author’s website. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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