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A Traveler’s Gift Guide


It’s more common than not for people to travel over the holidays. Whether you’re jetting away to a tropical vacation, heading home to mom and pop’s, or heading west to get some time on the mountains, you’re going to need some help during the commute, which can often be stressful. If you know someone taking off this season, we’ve got some suggestions for the perfect gift!


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Finally, a way to carry your medicine without it looking like medicine. Carrying pills around, especially when traveling, can be a nuisance. Style Rx ($34) makes it easy and fashionable! The designed pill box case is perfect for anyone traveling who wants to be a little more discreet. The cute and stylish boxes are small enough to carry in a purse, come in fun, unique designs, and close via magnet to ensure your meds to spill all over the place. Plus, they’re washable.


We’ve all been there. The only person on the plane still awake sitting next to the guy resting comfortably on his travel pillow. But sometimes, those things just aren’t that comfortable. Luckily, Myllow is the first adjustable travel pillow, designed to give you full head and neck support. Draw cords and stoppers allow users to completely adjust their pillow and can transform from a square pillow for your lower back into a tray table pillow for the airplane. Additionally, the Myllow has an extra pocket which will allow you to store travel accessories such as headphones, eye masks, and more right inside.


Want to look back 20 years from now and remember exactly what you did and where you went on your vacations? Word Notebooks’ The Adventure Log ($12) is the perfect, pocket-sized notebook to track your destinations, dates, conditions, companions, all with a space for notes. The notebooks come in packs of three, so you can grab one for each trip you take. Happy jotting!


Obviously if you are traveling somewhere warm, SPF is a must. Trilipiderm broad spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin D ($5.95+) is the result of over 40 years in skincare research, providing users with both UVA and UVB protection. But not only does this sunscreen protect your skin from the sun, it also helps to improve your skin’s tone, texture and appearance, as well as replace essential lipids, keeping your skin from drying out. It’s a no brainer.
No matter where you travel to, it’s the unspoken law that you better have cell service. And if you don’t take a photo it didn’t even happen, am I right? Verizon’s Droid Turbo 2 ($624 or $21.83/mo) is the latest Motorola phone to hit the market and they made sure it was a phone to be reckoned with. Quickly and completely charged in 15 minutes, users can score up to 4 hours of battery use all powered by 4G LTE. Their camera is insane, with 21 megapixel rapid focus, perfect for snapping high quality shots on the go. Plus, it has many case options, included leather and ballistic nylon.
If you happen to be vacationing somewhere that’s actually cold this year, it’s time to bundle up! Whether you’re hitting the slopes or taking a stroll, San Diego Hat Company has you covered (literally). Their owl and cat knit beanies ($29.50) are gosh darn adorable, plus they’ll keep you warm and cozy.
Every traveler needs a great bag to jam pack in all their travel essentials. Be Brilliant ($265) totes have compartments for everything, including your laptop, iPad, phones, and even a bottom compartment for shoes. Each bag is lined with moisture wicking neoprene, ensuring all of your belongings are protected. Plus, they are completely fashionable and fun to carry around.
Twisted Talk: Where will you be traveling to over the holidays? What do you want from this list? Discuss below!

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