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Beer & Cheese Tastings Free for Instrata Tenants



They say that New Yorkers are always in search of their dream apartment. Well Instrata Luxury Residences are attracting new residents and charming their current ones, so you might want to think about hopping on the bandwagon.

What’s so special about Instrata? Just about everything! The development company has three locations throughout Manhattan and a location in Brooklyn Heights. If you’re not sold on the long list of luxurious amenities – hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, track lighting, doggy spas and 24-hour concierge service, then I’m sure their new twist on amenities will peek your interest. Instrata coordinates special events that promote mingling with other residents in their buildings. This month they partnered up with Murray’s Cheese to host a beer and cheese tasting, and we were invited to join in on the action.


Guests were escorted to a private room in the back of Murray’s, where they were encouraged to sit with their neighbors to make new friends. With the help of beer and cheese experts, we went through six different types of delectable cheeses that were paired with six refreshing craft beers. The night was so much fun, and very informative. The evening allowed you to learn about some unique pairings and meet some new friends.

If beer is not your thing, don’t worry. They have a variety of different events for their residents, including a poker night, cupcake making classes and wine tastings. For more information about the residences and events, check out their website!

Twisted Talk: Would you ever be interested in living in an Instrata residence? Would you like to have monthly events with others in your building? Discuss below!

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