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Behind the Scene at NY Champagne Week



Some call it magic in a glass. It can be sweet or dry. Its bubbles have been known to change your mood immediately. And once a year for three years straight, New York City devotes an entire week to the magical drink known as champagne. The week long champagne lifestyle party celebrates the best that champagne has to offer and it’s not to be missed.

Founded by wine and spirits special events planner and owner of, Blaine Ashley, the kickoff VIP Party was held at Corkbuzz Wine Studios. Champagne connoisseurs gathered for delectable cheeses, oysters, artisan sandwiches and a taste of the best champagne.The numerous champagne selections included Henriet Bazin, Jean Velut, Michel Loirot and Pierre Brigandant.

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Undoubtedly, champagne is the most well known celebratory drink, but sometimes the least understood. Its varietals, composition and even the names can be a little intimidating to some. But not to worry, cocktail lovers and wine lovers alike can both enjoy the effervescent drink.

NYC Champagne Week was packed with bubbly events including “Burgers and Bubbles” and a champagne cocktail competition where mixologists competed against another to create the best champagne cocktail, with the winner taking home a cash prize. If you missed this year’s events, not to worry, I’m sure they will be back. Until then, pop open your favorite bubbly, you know, just because!

Twisted Talk: Did you attend any NY Champagne Week events? Have you tried any of the brands served at the opening party? Discuss below!

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