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Blockheads’ Fall Inspired Dishes Are No Joke



The first Blockheads location opened up in 1989 and I can’t believe that as a New Yorker I have never visited the popular Mexican restaurant and bar before. I recently visited the new location, located in the village, and I was lucky to visit at the perfect time. I was drawn to this restaurant because I love Mexican food but I stayed for the Pumpkin Margarita. Yes, you heard that right. Blockheads has a fall-inspired Pumpkin Pie Frozen Margarita.

Blockheads recently opened up their new location in the East Village. Located on the corner of east 11th Street at 60 3rd Avenue, it is the perfect location for the restaurant. It is a short walk from Union Square and is located on a block that has no other compatible restaurants. If you are looking for good and authentic Mexican food around Union Square then you now know where to go. The inside of the restaurant is very spacious and is dimly lit. It is the perfect place for a night out with the girls or a Friday night watching your favorite baseball game. The décor and the closely situated tables give off a very familial vibe.


When I first heard about the Pumpkin Mango Chili Burrito and the Pumpkin Pie Frozen Margarita, I was a little hesitant to try them out. I have never heard of this combination before so I went in with an open mind. The Pumpkin Mango Chili was a good Burrito, but the Pumpkin Pie Frozen Margarita completely exceeded my expectations. The margarita was strong enough that you didn’t feel like the bartender was watering down the drink but you could still taste the actual pumpkin. The margarita is made up of pumpkin purée, Cuervo Cinnamon Tequila, Fireball Whiskey and Fresh Lime Juice. I think I have found my favorite drink for this fall!


My guest and I also had a chance to try their signature Southwestern Chicken Burrito, which had a kick strong enough to stimulate our taste buds. You can’t go to Blockheads and not try their Guacamole and chips because it really is one of the best in the city. The grilled chicken and beef picadillo tacos were also very good and filling. While all the food was good, I have to admit that my favorite dish overall was the 3 Cheese Quesadilla. I love anything with cheese and this quesadilla is made with melted jack, cheddar, and goat cheese. Served with sour cream and salsa, the best thing you can do is combine it with the new Pumpkin Pie Frozen Margarita and you are set to go.


For more information on Blockheads and their menu make sure to visit their website at While you are there make sure to let them know that Manhattan with a Twist sent you, and throw back a margarita or two on behalf of us.

Twisted Talk: Have you visited Blockheads before? If so, what is your favorite dish? Will you visit this new location and try the new Pumpkin Mango Chili Burrito and the Pumpkin Pie Frozen Margarita? Discuss below!

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