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Boursin Cheese for At-Home Entertaining



Entertaining friends at your place isn’t always easy, but once you say the word ‘cheese,’ every body’s ears perk up. When Smiley 360 afforded me the opportunity to get my hands on some Boursin cheese to pair with snacks of my choosing, I knew it was a great time to invite some friends over and make a night out of it.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Boursin name, it is a fresh cheese company creates back in 1957 in Normandy. Inspired by a traditional dish of the region, fromage frais, in which you were able to make your own seasoned cheese by mixing together herbs and cheese, Boursin was born. The creamy cheese is easy to spread on any number of treats — from crackers and chips to veggies and meats.


I picked up two great flavors of Boursin — Garlic & Fine Herbs and Shallot & Chive. Paired with a large array of carbs, it was quite an evening feast. Along with breadsticks, crackers, sweet potato chips and Wheat Thins Tuscan Herb Flatbread, we enjoyed the flavorful taste of Boursin cheeses. Both flavors were outstanding, but we must confess that Garlic & Herb really hit it out of the park. We particularly loved this cheese along with the Wheat Thins, which really managed to bring out the rich flavor of herbs in the cheese. It was difficult to stop eating. And of course, we finished off the evening with some Lindt chocolate and wine, because what’s cheese without a little something extra?

boursin-crackers             boursin-pairings

Boursin cheese also comes in additional flavors, such as Pepper and Red Chili Pepper, as well as spreads, including Spinach & Artichoke, Monterey Jack & Spicy Pepper, Creamy Asiago & Roasted Red Pepper, and more. Make sure to pick up some Boursin on your next trip to the grocery store. You won’t be sorry!

Twisted Talk: Have you tried Boursin cheese before? What’s your favorite flavor? Discuss below!



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