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Cocktales – Confessions of a Nymphomaniac



Yes, the pillow above is exactly what you’re imagining. Cocktales – Confessions of a Nymphomaniac, written by and starring Slovenian-born, award-winning actress Tjasa Ferme, is an exuberant new play portraying Eve as a modern woman who has escaped from the Garden of Eden and is struggling with her brazen sexuality. The piece examines the conflicting messages regarding dating and sexual desire thrown at women by society, complete with readings from Cockmopolitan magazine. Eve is a guest on therapist Dr. Truth’s (Michelle Cox) television show, where she seeks out the root of her sex addiction. Over the course of the play, Eve recounts her sexual development, from her first penis sighting to her painful separation from her only love, Adam. The main storyline is punctuated by the cast’s male members (Andrew Arena, Scott Freeman, and Rumando Kelly), who showcase their versatility by playing teenage girls talking about deflowering, Eve’s suitors, and strippers, among other roles. Although it tackles the hefty subject of female sexuality, Cocktales has a light touch, offering humor and musical numbers rather than casting aspersions on Eve. Running just over an hour, it is a deliberately and delightfully feminine perspective on modern sexuality. See it at The Triad this Saturday, December 14th, at 7pm. Tickets:


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