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Cut Out Lunchtime Hassle with Arcade



There’s no denying that New Yorkers have a love/hate relationship with Seamless. The popular site and app allows users to order their food online and search through hundreds of restaurants in their area, which is all great in theory. However, we’ve all had those mishaps where you place your order and end up waiting hours for it to be delivered, or they deliver the wrong item, mess up your order, the list goes on. Arcade is one of last year’s top food delivery start ups, and for good reason. Their aim is to simplify the delivery experience and simplify they have!

Here’s how it works: join Arcade and each work day, you will receive a text message at 10am with the meal of the day (all of which come from over 150 of New York’s top restaurants). If you want to order this meal for lunch, all you have to do is reply “yes” via text. Your lunch will then arrive by 1pm! It’s really that easy.

The genius behind this company is that it narrows down the seemingly endless options available to you in the city, which can make the indecisive person go crazy come lunchtime. Sometimes too many options can be stressful and complicated, so this is a great alternative.


Last week, Arcade opened up their first pick-up location in the Flatiron District. Those who enjoy taking their lunch breaks outside the office will love this new option, which allows users to enjoy the great outdoors without waiting in long lines. For the new pick-up location, users simply text ‘MENU’ to 22105 for the daily menu and you can then place your order via text. Your lunch will then be ready for pick-up between 12 and 2pm, simple and easy.

Wanna give it a go? Use the code ‘MANHATTANTWIST’ to receive 50% off your first order! Arcade delivers made-to-order meals south of 59th Street, all meals are priced between $8 and $15 and there are no delivery fees. To sign up for service, text ‘ARCADE’ to 22105.


Twisted Talk: Have you ever tried Arcade before? Would you use this service as an alternative to Seamless? Discuss below!

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