The Twisted Library — February 3, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Dark Humor with Substance: The Exit Man



In literature, it can be very difficult to tackle a taboo subject and do it with finesse. Greg Levin does an amazing job covering the highly controversial topic of voluntary euthanasia in his novel The Exit Man. The book focuses on Eli Edelmann, otherwise known as ‘the exit man,’ who somehow finds himself with an unusual side job…helping those with terminal illnesses commit suicide.

While the book could certainly approach the topic in a way that has readers appalled, Levin somehow manages to do the opposite. The Exit Man is a dark comedy that also makes readers think, infusing humor into an often depressing subject matter. When Eli is approached by a family friend to help him ‘exit,’ he didn’t know that it would turn into a full time job. Soon enough, Eli finds himself with months’ worth of clients, a snooping and somewhat unhinged girlfriend, and of course, he must deal with all of this without getting caught.

While at times the book can seem a bit predictable, it’s safe to say that the ending is anything but. Humorous and thought-provoking, this novel had me captivated from page one. It’s definitely a surprise that a book like this could make a person laugh so much. If you are looking for something original, The Exit Man delivers.

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