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Dear Eleanor: A Fun & Quirky Murder Mystery



Everyone loves a classic whodunit. Murder mysteries are fascinating, both in real life and in fiction. Dear Eleanor, a play showing at the Kraine Theater, combines humor with mystery in a classic whodunit murder mystery.


Taking place in 1935, the Barnes family convenes at the family estate to celebrate the birthday of Barbara, who married into the family. The family comprises of matriarch Eleanor, son Richard, his wife Barbara, and daughter Gabriela. Also at the party is novelist Clayton, with whom Barbara is having an affair. Throughout the evening we see the family dynamic, witness blackmail, plotting, greed and plenty of incentive for murder.


So who winds up dead and who is the killer? Inspector Montreal and Detective Bony enter Act II to interrogate the partygoers. Sometimes the most obvious choice is the answer, and other times twists can leave you guessing. Here, we get a little bit of both, making for a surprising ending. Audience members had the chance to guess the killer and those who were right (only 3!), got to go home with a prize.



Dear Eleanor reminds us of the intricacies of all families and the unique and dysfunctional dynamic they can create in a fun evening of theater.

Twisted Talk: Are you a fan of murder mysteries? Have you seen a show at the Kraine Theater before? Discuss below! 

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