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Discover New York’s Underground Sushi Den



Let me start off by saying that I like sushi, but I don’t love sushi. I enjoy it, but can usually only eat a few pieces at any given time. However, I was instantly intrigued by the recently opened second location of Sushi by Bou next to The Sanctuary Hotel upon arrival — an easily overlooked gate leads into a graffitied stairwell down into the depths of New York City. The doorway at the bottom of the stairs opens up into a tiny room that you’ll be shocked to find out comprises the entire restaurant. Brought to fruition by renowned chef David Bouhadana and restauranteur Michael Sinensky, this spot is unlike any other in the city.


The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has a text-only reservation system, and once you arrive, you can make your way to the bar cart for a refreshing cocktail, beer or sake. But once you sit down (there are only eight coveted seats here, all surrounding the sushi counter), you’re on the clock. Chef Bouhadana ensures quick turnaround by dishing out a 30-minute timed omakase menu for just $50. Be prepared as he starts his timer for 12 unbelievable pieces of sushi — it’s literally the best I’ve ever had.


The tasting includes the following: ikura, hamachi, akami, toro, salmon, albacore, uni, scallop, botan shrimp, wagyuni, wagyu, and unagi. These simple pieces are super fresh and packed with flavor and will turn any sushi skeptic into a believer. There was not one piece I didn’t enjoy, but the standout here is the wagyuni, which Bouhadana has coined the “millenial surf & turf.”





Surprisingly, the 30-minute time limit gives you the perfect amount of time to enjoy each piece of sushi without feeling too rushed. And since it’s located in Times Square, it makes for the perfect pre-show meal. We can certainly see why Zagat has named Bouhadana one of the top 30 chefs under 30 and we can’t wait to try what he serves up next!

Sushi by Bou has another location within the Gansevoort Market.

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