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Eat Healthy Without the Hassle



Subscription box services are taking over the world these days. From athletic apparel to grooming products and even treats for your pets, monthly subscription boxes conveniently deliver all your necessities right to your doorstep. Farmbox Direct is a new subscription service that offers customers the freshest organic produce each week! From farm fresh vegetables to breads, coffees and more, Farmbox Direct has the best in organic produce.

The company, founded by Ashley Tyrner, has been delivering their goods up and down the east coast, and as of last month, has launched nationwide. Perfect for those looking to enjoy healthy, seasonal produce without the hassle of shopping and trying to find products to fit your lifestyle, Farmbox Direct is a quick and easy solution. The company is 100% USDA certified organic and pesticide-free.


The company offers three different size boxes, ranging from $36.95 to $58.95, and include a wide array of delicious and nutritious offerings — from kiwi berries to potatoes to cranberries. Tyrner stated, “I want to make real, nutritious food a given in the diet of every American. By eating by the seasons, we are eating foods when they are at their peak taste, are the most abundant, and the least expensive. I want to lower the negative connotations of organic produce, and showcase the many health benefits of a fresh diet.”

Additionally, since the national expansion, Farmbox Direct is now offering a monthly subscription box that is stocked with up to twelve packaged snacks, including popcorn, rice, cookies and more, for $20-$30. Farmbox Direct is truly the definition of farm to table.

Twisted Talk: Will you try out Farmbox Direct? What organic product are you dying to get your hands on? Discuss below! 

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