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Enhance Your Cooking With Garlic


Jenny Linford‘s Garlic: Over 65 deliciously different ways to enjoy cooking with garlic shows that you can do more with garlic than ward off vampires!

Who knew there are so many kinds of garlic? And each is used in different ways to create and enhance different flavors. Linford begins by explaining each one and the best way to prepare and store them. In between each chapter is a feature ranging from the myths to the uses of garlic.

On to the recipes! You can tell the recipes have strong Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Asian influences. Everything looks so good! Try serving three classics – Hummus, Tzatziki (Greek cucumber dip), and Smoky garlic baba ghanoush (a Middle Eastern dip made with eggplant and spices) – together with warm, fresh pita bread for a delicious appetizer. For dinner serve cider and garlic roast belly pork or spicy Indian garlic meatballs. Looking for pasta?  Try Linford’s recipes for pasta primavera, spaghetti con aglio, olio e peperoncino, or pan-fried gnocchi with garlic mushrooms and pancetta. These are only a few of the mouth-watering recipes found in Garlic.

Garlic will be available for purchase on March 10th – just in time for you to start planning the perfect dinner party to show off your culinary skills and new recipes!

Twisted Talk: How do you use garlic? Do you like to cook? Discuss below!

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