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Eons: Healthy, Fast and Convenient Greek Food



I have never tasted Greek food before, aside from the pitas that street vendors sell, but EONS creates true and authentic Greek food. I was grateful and excited to get a chance to visit this amazing restaurant and I did not know what to expect. I have never had a stronger first impression of a restaurant until I entered Eon. From the space, the environment, the color scheme, and the food itself, I actually felt at home.

Located on 633 Second Avenue, between 34th and 35th street, when you first enter you notice that the space seems very cozy. But once you are inside you notice how your eyes play a trick on you, because the space is huge! Eons is able to seat more than twenty people at a time and there is still enough space for you to move around. As a patron I didn’t feel like I had to huddle or squeeze past tables to sit down. When you enter the restaurant the tables are set up on the left side of the room, giving customers enough room to walk down to the counter and place their order. The color scheme in the space is a beautiful blue that reminds you of the ocean, which is totally fitting for a Greek restaurant. The workers also wear a blue uniform.


When customers walk down to the counter it is very easy to order. You can think of it as how you would order at Chipotle. The only difference is that instead of Mexican, you are ordering Greek food, which is much healthier. Eons caters to those that are in a rush but need to refuel. You first choose your ‘Base’ — Pita, Rice, or Salad. You then have the option of the protein: steak, chicken, octopus, salmon, pork, shrimp, lamb, or veggie. My favorite part is the sides because they are so unique and they all taste amazing. Options include Lentil, Greek, and Chickpea Salad and you are able to select two sides. And then we finally have the toppings! I have never tasted Tzatziki sauce, and when I did it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth.

Now, this restaurant has all the makings of becoming a huge chain. The service provided was amazing, the staff was fast, patient, and very helpful. The food is amazing and healthy and you are able to get in and out really quickly. The owner, Chef George is well known from being the executive chef of Bar Six in the West Village and most recently the Executive Chef and partner of Varka Estiatorio. Co-owner Anoush is also a pleasure to speak with and makes sure that her customers are happy with their food and service. What else could a New Yorker want?

If I failed in convincing you to visit EONS, then let me assure you that since I first stepped foot into the restaurant last week I have ordered every day since then. The menu demonstrates that you can still have healthy food that actually tastes good. So go over to Eons and make sure to order for lunch or dinner because your taste buds will thank you.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of Greek food? Have you visited Eons before? If not, does this make you want to go and visit it now.  Discuss below!

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