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Explore Chic French Style with Une Femme Française: The Seductive Style Of A French Woman


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New Yorkers are said to be the some of the most fashionable people in the world and I agree. But there’s something to be said about the je ne sais quoi of a French woman. Even the most well dressed New York women seem to be captivated and aspire to create the effortlessly-chic style of French women.
In her new book, Une Femme Française: The Seductive Style of French Women, Catherine Malandrino explores the differences between the French and American style, beauty, inspiration, audacity and even the differences in seduction. On American ethics versus French beliefs, Malandrino says this, “If you take American focus and work ethic and combine it with the ideas of and drama of French romance. You get a glorious synthesis.”

Malandrino begins with stories about her stylish mother and sisters. Her independence was instilled by her mother, who taught her to not sit around and wait for Prince Charming to come along. Her first Paris fashion show was Yves Saint Laurent –– where she cleverly talked her way through the guards at the entrance. The adventure and magic inspired Malandrino for years to come.  

“Style allows you to: know who you are….and who you are not. Style allows you to send the unspoken messages you want to convey to others.” In the Style chapter, Malandrino covers everything from silhouettes to fabrics and color. She includes the quintessential staples every stylish French woman must have in her arsenal, including the black motorcycle leather jacket, the black dress, large black sunglasses and a classic trench coat. There is power in style, she asserts. The ideal is to create a unique look that transmits your individuality. She references Anna Wintour’s chestnut bob and shades, Karl Lagerfeld’s signature white ponytail and Edith Piaf’s little black dress.

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French women are known for their exotic allure and seductiveness, so Malandrino dedicates an entire chapter on the phenomenon. “The first person any woman has to seduce is herself.” The do’s and don’ts of French seduction include, but definitely are not limited to, simplicity, imperfection, mystery and romance. Two minutes into the seduction tips, I felt the need to throw on some red lipstick just to finish the chapter. I instantly wanted to know more, but I guess that’s the point!

“Beware the girls who don’t like wine, truffles, cheese and music,” a Colette quote that starts off the Life section. Une Femme Française also explores various mediums of inspirations. Whether it’s markets, theaters, music, museums, bistros and cafés, Malandrino shares her favorite artists and places in London, Paris and New York City. Reading this style guide, I immediately feel as though I’m sitting at a café in Paris sipping vin rouge (in big Jackie O-shades, of course!). Malandrino doesn’t want women to simply imitate French women; it is about using French style to help create your own chic-style, mystique and sexiness.

Born in Grenoble, France, author Catherine Malandrino is a successful fashion designer and style icon. After graduating from Esmod Paris, she studied in Parisian couture houses with Louis Feraud and Emanuel Ungaro before joining Diane von Furstenberg in New York. In 1998, she created her own fashion house in the city blending French romance and American edge. Malandrino stepped down as creative director of her house in 2013 to pursue other style projects. Find Une Femme Française at Amazon and other major bookstores.  

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