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Fast, Easy & Delicious: Soho Tiffin Junction



First came Chipotle, now comes Soho Tiffin Junction, a new fast-food option for those looking for scrumptious and healthy Indian cuisine. Founders Jawahar Chirimar, Sam Subramaniam and M. Mahadevan decided to bring to life this concept, which was inspired by their childhood days of bringing packed lunches (tiffins) to school.

Guests of the restaurant can customize their meals, beginning with choosing between a rice bowl, salad bowl or Dosa (a gluten-free and vegan sourdough crepe). Next, they can pick their fillings, including rice, vegetable, and meat options, as well as a variety of chutneys and garnishes. Whether you are hankering for shredded beef, pulled pork,or potato masala, there are options a-plenty. Best of all, meals range from 450-850 calories, with many low calorie options, as well as both vegetarian and vegan options.


Additionally, the space also offers an array of fun beverages, including beer, healthy carbonated drinks, clove and cinnamon coffee, mango lassi, and cardamom and tumeric tea.  


The first location to open is located in Greenwich Village and is sure to be a hit among NYU students, but the owners plan on opening four other Manhattan restaurants, with plans to provide easy web and app-based ordering. The easy, casual atmosphere is perfect for a quick bite and the food is great. With so many fancy Indian restaurants in the city, Soho Tiffin Junction brings consumers something the city has been lacking — a quick, healthy option that is just as tasty. Not to mention, with so many different options to choose from, it will be hard to get bored of the cuisine offered here.

Soho Tiffin Junction is located at 42 E. 8th Street. 


*All images courtesy of  Nick Gascoine

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