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Flawless Parisian Style Make-Up From Sothys



In this day and age trends come and go with rapid succession, especially in the beauty world. However, effortlessly chic, natural make-up never goes out of style and thanks to Sothy’s new make-up collection, anyone can achieve this gorgeous look. Sothys, the legendary spa and  beauty brand, is known for its outstanding beauty products, but has just launched its first ever make-up collection. The Paris-born brand is teaching us Americans how to master the  natural Parisian look, along with makeup artist Anne Kohlhagen. 

Don’t you just envy those women who look so naturally flawless that you pass by on the streets? Well the secret’s out — and now we know how to get the look for ourselves. Kohlhagen walked us through the new make-up collection, demonstrating how to use each product to achieve the stunning, minimalist look.

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1. Begin by rubbing a moisturizer, such as Sothys Hydradvance Hydrating Cream, in circular motions on your skin, taking care to really rub it in.

2. Use Sothys Multi-Action Eye Contour cream under the eyes to eliminate fine lines and puffiness. Make sure to use your ring finger to apply in a tapping motion.

3. Use Sothys Complexion Perfector to fill in pores of fine lines, concentrating on the t-zone.

4. Again, using your ring finger to tap in, apply Sothys Dark Circles Eraser under the eyes.


5. For any blemishes, use Sothys Concealor Pencil to not only conceal, but treat pimples.

6. Next, use one of Sothys three foundations (Teint Mat, Teint Naturel, Teint Satiné) over the face. The foundation should not be too heavily applied. The anti-aging foundation saw users notice a 13% reduction in wrinkles in the first hour of usage.

7. Sothys Illuminating Trio includes three different color powders to help give your face a healthy glow. Start with the darkest color and apply to cheekbones. Use the lightest color as a highlighter and apple to the cheekbones, bridge of nose and chin. The middle, peachy color can be used for the eyelids.

8. Once your skin is glowing, move on to the eyes, where you will use Sothys Universal Black Eye Pencil, which is waterproof and includes a sponge tip and sharpener. Push the pencil into the base of the lashes, and apply with no wings or thick lines. Blend out the sides with the sponge to eliminate harsh lines. Next, curl lashes.

9. Apply Sothys Essential Mascara in a zig zag motion, concentrating on the base of the eyelashes to avoid a stringy look. Apply the majority on the top lashes, with just a tiny hint on the bottom lashes. The mascara is both thickening and lengthening.


10. Sothys Eyebrow Pencil should be used to fill in any holes in your eyebrows. Make sure to use a color a bit lighter than your natural brow and apply in light, feathery strokes.

11. Once the eyes are done, apply Sothys Plumping Lip Balm, which utilizes a secret formula that is currently being patented. Next, apply Sothys Universal Lip Filler to help keep lip products from bleeding and fill in any cracks.

12. Apply Sothys Rouge Doux, a glossy, sheer lip color for the perfect daytime look. Apply more lip balm to the center of the lip to make them appear more full.



To update your daytime look to a nighttime look, simply add more mascara to the lashes and apply Sothys Rouge Intense lipstick, an opaque lip color that is bold and long-lasting.


As you can see, this look is stunning and easy to do. Best of all, everyone on the street will just think you woke up looking that good. Sothys new make-up collection is even more impressive than you might think. Not only are all the items in the collection great, but they also all double as treatments, as well. For example, the concealer pencil include salicylic acid to not only cover your pimples, but to eliminate them, as well. We were able to try out some of the make up items, as well, and really love the products, especially the lipstick!

Sothys make up will be available at the Sothys Institute in New York City this month, and at partner spa locations this June.

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Twisted Talk: What do you think of Sothys Parisian-inspired make up look? Will you check out their new collection? Discuss below!



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